Welcome to my campaign.

I am trying to reconstruct a Known World setting from multiple canon sources, some of my own home brew, some open source settings, as well as historic information.

Part of my home brew project includes adding a more orient themed area of the un-Known World, while trying to stay with-in canon histories.

First a Note

First, and most important, are the copyright laws regarding this project. This material is NOT endorsed or approved by TSR, Inc. Although the setting (places, characters, features, calendar…), as well as the rules of D&D and AD&D are the creation and property of TSR, the events, attitudes, beliefs, descriptions, and all the rest in this material are those of the writers and are in no way supported by TSR.
TSR, Inc. is a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast. Should TSR or Wizards of the Coast demand that we remove this material from the web, we will be happy to comply with their decision.

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